Mediation, a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) or “alternative dispute resolution”, aims to assist two (or more) disputants in reaching an agreement. The parties themselves determine the conditions of any settlements reached— rather than accepting something imposed by a third party. The disputes may involve (as parties) states, organizations, communities, individuals or other representatives with a vested interest in the outcome.

Arbitration, a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), is a legal technique for the resolution of disputes outside the courts, wherein the parties to a dispute refer it to one or more persons (the “arbitrators”, “arbiters” or “arbitral tribunal”), by whose decision (the “award”) they agree to be bound. It is a settlement technique in which a third party reviews the case and imposes a decision that is legally binding for both sides.

Pro Se Divorce is a process where couples agree to divorce without attorneys in court.  This method is efficient, effective, expeditious and economical compared to the traditional method of divorce.  With a Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator who is also a Certified Public Accountant as well as a experienced family law attorney, the divorcing couple work out a Marital Settlement Agreement without the stress and animosity that takes place during a litigated divorce. The Mediator prepares all the court documents that are needed to finalize the divorce.

In a collaborative case, the parties strive to reach a fair settlement through a series of meetings, sometimes called joint sessions, between the two parties and their lawyers, and sometimes other neutral experts. The primary focus of the four-way meetings or joint sessions is to identify the priorities, goals, needs and interests of the parties, and help them progress towards and create a settlement that is consistent with their priorities, goals, needs, and interests.

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