2009 Year in Review

2009 has been fabulous in terms of growth and achievement. Just a few of the many highlights of this year:

Spoke at the May 2009 Orange County Bar Association Estate and Trust Committee discussing the “Top Ten Ways to Avoid Litigation”.

Spoke at the July 2009 Annual Conference of the Association of Attorney-CPA’s in San Francisco on a panel discussion – “Attorneys and Accountants Working Together in Litigation”.

Presented a teleconference in September 2009 to the American Association of Attorney-CPA study group on Estate,Trust and Probate Litigation.

Became Certified as a Mediator by the Federal Court in the Middle District of Florida, Certified as Florida Supreme Court Circuit Civil Mediator, Qualified as an Arbitrator for the State of Florida and just recently became Appointed as an Alternate Contract Family Mediator for the Ninth Juducial Circuit.

Finally, appeared on Fox News multiple occasions to discuss the potential ramifications of a Tiger Woods divorce.

So you can see this has been a busy and productive year. I am so grateful and appreciative for everyone’s support without which I would not have had this success.

Looking forward to doing it again in 2010. Be well and “In-Joy”

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