2010 – The Year of the Collaborative Divorce

In the Chinese New Year, 2010 is the Year of the Tiger which occurs on the Western calendar February 14 – Valentines Day. Coincidence, I think not. As we begin the year with questions surrounding Tiger Woods and a potential divorce from his wife Elin, we can focus our sights on the meaning of 2010 in the Chinese Zodiac. For the tiger in 2010, any recent setbacks or obstacles can be overcome, so look forward to a year in which to really shine, either personally or professionally. Very prophetic for Mr. Woods if he so chooses but it raises a significant point for all of us especially those in the throngs of marital discord.

In this day and age, where conditions around us appear uncertain there is a civil option for spouses contemplating the dissolution of their marriage. Collaborative divorce is a effective way to acheive an amicable resolution in which they decide its outcome. Instead of leaving the end result to their attorneys or the court, the parties with the assistance of their attorneys an neutral professionals trained in Collaborative Law decide how to settle all the issues in their divorce. What a concept!

Below is an interesting article about celebrities including Robin Williams who have chosen to resolve their marital differences through collaborative divorce as an alternative to conventional litigation. The couple cited the need to “achieve the future well being” of their family as one of the benefits of this process as well as privacy and an agreement not to go to court. These needs are shared by many if not all divorcing spouses during the dissolution of the marriage. Non-celebrity couples can benefit as well from this process because it addresses “honest, cooperative and respectful” ways to resolve the disputes that occur during divorce.

As we turn back to Tiger Woods marital disputes, this is a perfect example of how the collaborative process can be helpful and strongly preferred if the couple decides to end their marriage. As far as the Chinese New Year, its time to make 2010 the year of Collaborative Divorce.

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    We started a place for people to share their stories about divorce. Our goal is for couples to remain friends after the divorce. Collaborative divorce isn’t for everyone. One person writes:

    “The best thing that happened in the divorce process was finding a thoughtful, considerate and compassionate place to come from going forward in the relationship.” from http://champagnedivorce.com/2010/01/a-blessing-for-us-all/

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