An Illusion or Ellusion

We go through life and wonder what’s real and what’s not.  Is the journey reality or just an illusion?  We begin the second half of this year reflecting on what’s happened so far and what will the the rest of the year bring.  A great friend lent me the book “Illusions” by Richard Bach which was amazing.  It speaks to the philosophy of life and where we are in the grand scheme of things  It impacted me and my life will never by the same.

Couples reach a point quite often where they question where they are in their own life and whether the relationship is an illusion.  What’s real and what is just wishful thinking?  Many times they can work through these issues and grow together.  Other times, the couple realize that what they thought was real was only an illusion and can’t get past this.  Some others think that their time together was really an ellusion, a stream of smoke and mirrors that deflected from the true essence of the relationship which may not have been much.

In those situations where couples decide that whether the relationship was an illusion or ellusion, they part ways, Collaborative Divorce is their best option.  It is not an illusion as it give the parties a real chance to decide the outcome of their divorce.  Their reality is manifested by allowing themselves the courage and faith to shape how the rest of their lives will look by empowering themselves through this process. Couples have an illusion about conventional divorce when they enter into this arena.  They believe they will win in the end by going this route not knowing that there are no winners here.

Collaborative divorce is not smoke and mirrors.  There is no magic to agreeing to not go to court and commit to working out all of the details together.  There are no tricks involved in collaboratively deciding how they will co-parent their children from different households.  What this is is not illusion or ellusion but a fusion of efforts by the parties and their collaborative team to develop an agreement that works for all.  This avoids the confusion of conventional litigation.

This is called Collaborative Divorce.  In-Joy the musical accompaniment!

Click here and enjoy The Grand Illusion

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