Don’t Worry Baby

Back after a short hiatus left me with no shortage of insights.  My practice still consists mainly of high conflict cases although it is getting more collaborative.   The most challenging aspect of high conflict divorce is instilling the concept of co-parenting on the divorcing spouses.  Often, one or both is so caught up in the drama of the divorce litigation, lost is the understanding that when it is all said and done they will still be parents but from two different locations..  This in itself brings a whole new dynamic to the children and must be dealt with immediately by both parents.  That being said, most often it is fit into the litigation instead of being front and center.

The Collaborative process is perfect for establishing effective co-parenting during the divorce.  As a neutral member of the team, the mental health professional is critical to the development of how the children will be co-parented during and after the divorce.  By allowing both parents to voice their needs with regard to their children, it helps the mental health professional to guide them through and ensuring that the children are affected in the mot healthy and productive way possible.  Both parents are educated on how to co-parent in ways not provided for in a traditional divorce litigation.  When spouses use the court system to resolve their divorce, this process is not equipped to deal with the intricacies of co-parenting. as Collaborative divorce does.

Attached please find an article by Dr. John Grbac on Co-Parenting in High Conflict cases.  Dr. Grbac is a Licensed Psychologist and Certified Family Mediator specializing in the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents, and families and is also trained in Collaborative Divorce and a fellow member of the Central Florida Collaborative Family Law group.

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