Feel Like A Number

Traditional divorce cases get started by the filing of a petition with the court. Each case filed is given a number, a case number which stays with the case throughout its life. This is the only way to differentiate the hundreds of thousands of cases filed in Family Law every year. Couples choosing to fight their divorce in court many times feel like a number during this process. Their attorneys have many cases to handle, their judge has many cases to hear; its no wonder the parties feel so insignificant during their court battle. Unfortunately, these folks did not avail themselves of a process whereby they can resolve their marital issues outside of court civilly, peacefully and not feel like another statistic on the street.

Collaborative Divorce empowers the couple to choose their outcome without the stress, anguish and time that it takes during a traditional case in court. After both parties agree to not proceed in court, their collaboratively trained attorneys along with a neutral mental health and financial professional work with them to achieve the solutions that they decide upon. In this way, the couple feel like their needs are being heard and addressed. Another benefit to this process is that it takes less time, is more efficient to getting the case resolved and in many cases is less costly. The best part is the court does not assign it a number until the case is over.

The Collaborative Process ensures that couple who freely choose to resolve their divorce in this manner do not feel like a tiny spoke in a great big wheel, a tiny blade of grass in a great big field. Collaborative Divorce makes sure those who follow this route do not feel like a number

This process works, this process is for you, this is Collaborative Divorce!

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