Help is on the Way

I spoke before a Divorce Support Group at a local church one night this week that made a tremendous impact. Meeting many spouses going through different stages of the disintegration of their marriages enlightened me on how much more needs to be done educating about Collaborative Divorce. Seeing the pain in their eyes and hearing the pain in their voices communicated loud and clear the help that was desperately needed. Dysfunction, despair and depression all evident during our meeting convinced me that communication and enlightenment would make a difference. After speaking on the positives of Collaborative Divorce, you can feel the energy shift in the room. Despair turned into hope, depression became optimism and fear transformed into faith. They found out that all is not lost and that their life would get better. I left that meeting seeing smiles, although slight in some, where grim faces had been only an hour before. Help was on the way if they decided to proceed the Collaborative path.

What this group found out that night is resolving their divorce Collaboratively would protect children from the stress and animosity their parents would be enduring that the traditional divorce model offers. The process would allow the spouses to heal wounds that have accumulated during the marriage and allow them to effectively resolve the issues that need to be addressed with dignity and civility. These individuals who were paralyzed with fear of the unknown now are empowered with the knowledge that their divorce can be resolved peacefully and with complete clarity. The Collaborative process ensures them that help is on the way if they so choose. This group started out that night with many questions and left the meeting with answers that will give them the courage to move ahead and keep on smiling. They know now that Collaborative Divorce, while not avoiding all the pain they are in, will provide them the safety to move ahead with their life after divorce.

This time there are two songs that symbolize hope and optimism, so En-Joy!!!

Click here and enjoy Help is on its Way

Click here and enjoy Keep on Smiling

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