If I Could Read Your Mind

In my family law practice, many clients start out with assumptions about how their spouse will react to certain proposals for settlement.  Sometimes they are in fear of not being able to resolve the conflict due to the others resistance to our agreement.  Other times, clients have difficulty discussing ways to resolve the issues in the divorce unless they know how the other will respond.  These actions and reactions are a by product of the lack of communication during the marriage.  Marriages deteriorate for many reasons and one of the most important is the breakdown in communication.  As couples talk less, they tend to attempt their hand at mind reading what the other person is thinking.  Out of that comes further reactions and actions based on what they think the other person is feeling.  This gets magnified like an avalanche until it gets to the point that the couple doesn’t even know why they are fighting and not getting along.

The Collaborative process for divorce can begin to address this lack of communication through open dialogue and sharing.  This is mainly facilitated by a mental health neutral professional who works with the couple to foster communication to guide them to resolving the issues in their divorce.  It may be too late to repair the marriage but the Collaborative process will enable the parties to leave the marriage with not only an understanding of why it did not work but how they can become better communicators in future relationships and with others in general. 

If I could read your mind, I would hope the benefits of Collaborative Divorce are clear.  If you do have any questions, please call our office so that we can help you.                              

This process works, this process is for you, this is Collaborative Divorce!

Attached is a great article on how collaborative divorce benefits parties in opening the lines of communication to assist them in settling their conflict amicably with a positive effect on their children, in less time and usually less cost. 

For your listening pleasure, an appropriate song and lyrics to follow. 

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