If I Could Turn Back Time

Frequently in my family law and mediation practice, I come across clients and parties who grow exasperated with the divorce process. As their case continues, they wonder “Will this ever end?”. My response as their attorney or their mediator is always “When you and your spouse want it to be” Now while I fully understand that divorce is a process not only legally but emotionally, resolving issues in court slows down this process. People are ready for it to be over before it gets to court and sometimes even mediation. There is one way that allows the couple to end the process on their terms in their time.

Participating in collaborative divorce is a win-win for all involved: the couple, the children, the attorneys and all of society. By agreeing to resolve their divorce without the use of the court system, the couple through their own collaboratively trained attorneys and neutral financial and mental health professionals are empowered to decide the outcome. Attached is a  radio interview with Attorney Bruce Matez as he explains the collaborative process and fields calls from listeners. If you could turn back time, you would choose Collaborative Divorce.

In-Joy the theme appropriate song and lyrics accompaniment!

This process works, this process is for you, this is Collaborative Divorce!

Click here to listen to Collaborative Divorce on WHYY”s “Voices in the Family

Click here and enjoy If I Could Turn Back Time

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