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For most businesses, keeping your customer satisfied is rule number one is being successful. This is even more true for a law practice especially in family law and can be quite challenging. Clients who hire attorneys for their divorce are coming from a place of emotional and many times physical pain and expect everything to be made whole.  Not so easy though when you have a spouse and their attorney who are looking for the same result.  How can both spouses and attorneys get the same result? COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE!

The Collaborative process is designed for success which cannot be said for the litigation way of resolving divorce.  In this arena, both husband and wife have expectations that may or may not be realistic.  They hire attorneys who are expected to deliver these expectations on a silver platter.  Unless your attorney is quite clear up front, the spouse may be under the impression that they will get what they expect at the end of the divorce.  Most cases get resolved with either or both spouses not satisfied with the outcome.  Its the same old story with different facts.  Unlike litigation, cases that proceed collaboratively have an extremely high rate of client satisfaction.  This is because the spouses decide how they want their divorce to resolve.  They provide options to the issues that need to be settled and collaborate on which ones fit their situation best.  This is most effective when discussing co-parenting and child issues.  By working in an environment that promotes resolution and not taking sides helps the spouses to come up with solutions that will be a win-win for both of them.  The collaborative process is effective for the attorneys because they are free to advise their clients in a non-adversarial playing field and not have to fight to get positive results for them.

At the end of a collaborative divorce, both spouses have participated in a successful resolution of their divorce.  This makes for very happy and satisfied clients which are now more prepared to re-enter society without the anger and emotional baggage that scars people who choice the court system to resolve their divorce.

In striving to keep my customers satisfied, I hope the benefits of Collaborative Divorce are clear.  If you do have any questions, please call our office so that we can help you.

This process works, this process is for you, this is Collaborative Divorce!

And as always in-joy the theme appropriate song and lyrics!

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