Never Surrender

Doesn’t it seem that life was so much easier when there were no IPODS, PDA’s, texting , MySpace and Facebook? Now everyone has cell phones, e-mails and voice mail. Add the stress from work, the economy, money issues and the housing meltdown and its no wonder our relationships have become affected.

The convergence of technology and crisis creates the perfect storm to threaten the core stabilizer of all relationships including marriage – communication. As a society, we have succumbed to easy quick ways of communicating at the expense of the hallmark of all interaction since the beginning of time – face -to-face. Add the stressors of everyday life and you can see how relationships become less of a priority and ultimately fail.

However, all is not lost.  Partners who seek that reconnection with each other can do so by getting back to basics.  Having uninterrupted time together to check in with each other face to face without cell phones, TV, computers and other outside distractions can enhance the communication that can get lost in the busy world we live in.  This is the time to truly allow each partner to touch base with the relationship which when done in person allows both people to feel the safety and intimacy that had been missing. Doing this if not daily at least once a week will strengthen the bonds of any relationship even more so if married.  The point of this is to never surrender.  There are ways to reconnect the relationship and focusing on new ways to enhance communication is a better outcome then just giving up.

Having said this, there may be married couples that after attempting all of the above decide their life would be better and happier apart.  If this is true, don’t worry – there is hope.  The Collaborative process provides a safe, gentle environment for both spouses to end their marriage without the stress and animosity the conventional divorce models offers.  By working with their individual attorneys and neutral professionals trained in this area, couples can resolve the issues needed to dissolve their marriage that will ultimately enhance their emotional well-being and strengthen their co-parenting skills if they have children.  This is another way to not surrender to the old ineffective and inefficient ways of divorce.  Empowering yourself with having the ultimate decision on how your marriage will end and the issues that need to be resolved is the ultimate victory in this major change which you are to embark on.

Below is a musical accompaniment supporting the fact that you must never surrender to the old ways of doing things that just don’t work in favor of taking matters into your hands…the only hands that can shape your true happiness. En-Joy and make your life what it was meant to be!!!

Click here and enjoy Never Surrender

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