One Thing Leads to Another

One recurring conversation I have with my clients revolves around the misunderstanding about child support and visitation.  There is a misconception among parents after divorce that if one parent withholds visitation from the other, that parent is entitled to withhold child support.  Similarly, if one parent is not paying child support, the other feels they’re entitled to withhold visitation from the non-paying parent.  Both of these scenarios happen all the time and both are incorrect.  Paying child support does not entitle one to visitation.  Visitation is a right given to biological parents and ordered by the court in most situations.  Child support is a calculation guided by the time sharing between the parents.  That is the only connection between the two.

If one parent is withholding visitation or child support, the only legal remedy is to return to court to enforce the original order detailing what those requirements are.  Courts are not happy when they review cases where one parent retaliates against the other due to non-compliance in these areas.  Parents who believe that one thing leads to another are usually harboring resentment toward the other parent unresolved from the divorce.  By proceeding with Collaborative Divorce, parents can flush out any underlying negativity to avoid future issues such as retaliation.   A mental health expert is part of the team that helps divorcing parents resolve the emotional issues that may impact their future co-parenting effectively.  At the end of the Collaborative process, parents are better equipped to communicate with each other to continue to raise their children albeit in separate households.  After the divorce is final, these parents will be able to resolve any issues that come up in the future if one falls behind in child support or the other raises visitation challenges.

Although in this case one thing does not lead to another, In-joy the attached musical accompaniment with lyrics on how it does.

Click here and enjoy One Thing Leads To Another

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