Out of Time

One of the most common themes during a divorce is the feeling that everyone is running out of time.  In mediation, usually its scheduled for a set amount of time.  If it doesn’t settle there, its set for trial which is again a set amount of time.    Divorce cases in litigation have a start and end point and like an hourglass, the sand keeps trickling away.  However these cases do not have be resolved in this manner.  Doesn’t it make more sense to allow the couple to dictate and decide how much time is needed to resolve their divorce?  Yes and its called Collaborative Divorce.

The Collaborative divorce process is truly geared toward the needs of the divorcing couple. With their attorneys and neutral professionals, meetings are arranged usually two hours at a time to carefully and calmly explore the different options available to them.  The first meeting is to begin discussing each of the individual needs that need to be addressed in the divorce agreement.  There is no time-frame in which to finalize a resolution.  From experience however, the collaborative process is much quicker and more efficient that hashing it out through the court.  Although there are no deadlines, collaborative cases resolve quickly for a number of reasons.  The emotion that usually exists during the divorce process is quelled through the presence of a neutral mental health professional.  With the couples emotions kept at bay, they can focus more objectively exploring and communicating their needs in how the divorce will be finalized.  This helps move the process along much easier than litigation.  When the divorcing couple feel like there is a deadline such as a trial or mediation, the pressure of making a decision in that time frame with all the emotion involved tends to immobilize them thus blocking the path to a resolution that is best for them.

Using the collaborative process to resolve divorces is a more effective way to make sure those involved don’t feel left out.  Unlike going to court, collaborative divorce leaves people without a doubt on how their cases will be worked out.  You always know whats going on and your case never goes on far too long.  You’re never out of time.

This process works, this process is for you, this is Collaborative Divorce!

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