Reconciliation and Should I Stay or Should I Go

As we attempt to understand the proposed health care reform, the buzz word is “reconciliation”. There may be a difference of opinion on how our Congress should proceed and the same is true with couples during the divorce process. Most spouses, once they decide the marriage is over, forge ahead with dissolving the marriage either through the collaborative or traditional litigation process. In many instances this is easier than the House and Senate agreeing on health care legislation. In many instances however, couples make attempts of reconciliation through different methods. One of these is suggested through an article “Marriage Reconciliation” which can be read in its entirety by clicking the link below. By meeting with a marriage reconciliation attorney (whom may be a mediator) to discuss problem solving and communication strategies, the couple explore ways to substantially or completely reconcile which is a different starting point than most divorce models even collaborative practice.

Even the couples cannot agree to continue the marriage, they have learned significant communication and problem solving skills that will empower them as they journey into the world separately. Another benefit is that the attorney, if trained as a family law mediator, may be able to resolve the financial and parenting issues through divorce mediation.

Unlike Congress which may be accused of cramming “reconciliation” through legislation, marriage reconciliation is a win-win process for all involved no matter the outcome. Its gentle, its nurturing, its empowering and it works if both parties are willing and able. Hmm…are we talking about couples or Congress? This question will be pondered as both decide “Should I stay or should I go”. That leads to an appropriate song.

Enjoy the article…Enjoy the song…Most importantly…Enjoy the process!!!


Click here and enjoy Should I Stay or Should I Go

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