Riding the Roller Coaster

When we were growing up and some of us still do, the roller coaster affected all of us in one way or another. Some didn’t enjoy feeling scared and avoided the ride with a passion. Others were scared but were thrilled and did it anyway and that made it fun. I was in the scared but thrilled group and had a blast. The stock market these days feels like being on a roller coaster too though I’m not sure that’s too thrilling. But the fact remains that sometimes we have to just ride the roller coaster to get past our fears.

Going through a divorce can certainly have its ups and downs more so than the marriage sometimes. The fear of the unknown, how will this end up, will I be safe and when will it end. We have all these feelings while riding a roller coaster but we do it anyway. We take the ride to get to the other side, to the end, because we know no matter what we will be OK. Other mixed emotions come into play that muddle the decision to take the ride. As during divorce, riding a roller coaster means letting go – leaving the past behind, a relationship, emotional baggage, ways of being in relationship. Once you realize like riding a roller coaster that letting go can be freeing and empowering, you are ready to move into a new way of being. One that enables you to ride the ups and downs knowing that when you get to the end you can say “I did it”.

As in a roller coaster ride, you may still feel scared and didn’t like the feeling, but you will also know that your greatest fears were not realized. That’s the catapult to getting to the end of the divorce and feeling like all will be OK because it will. You know you have the courage to challenge your fears and take the ride. I have attached a song provided by a Facebook fan of the firm that really captures the pain of endings with the courage to move on. Absolutely inspiring and heartfelt. Thank you.


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