So what’s blowing in your wind these days

As this year unfolds and the winds of change swirl in our personal and professional lives, how are we doing? More importantly, how are we looking at the these changes? As we have all heard time and time again, change is inevitable. This begs the obvious question as to what are we are doing about it. Before we can answer that, it’s important to know what the change is telling us. We can choose to accept change in our life but knowing what it means is just as important. Change gives us the answers we have been seeking to the questions of our lives. When we allow these answers to guide us to life we desire, it is then we achieve the greatness we deserve.

Change shows up in many forms – our jobs, our relationships, our stuff. It can be as a result of an unsatisfying profession, a challenge with our spouse or an unfulfilling life. By using our intuition, we can trust that its always for our Highest Good. In navigating the uncertainty of these winds, a professional can be helpful in supporting the journey. If its a conflict with your relationship, seek a counselor who can guide you on your path. If this change has lead to deciding to end your marriage, a collaoborative professional is highly skilled and trained to assist you.

Whatever the change you are experiencing, you have asked for in some form or fashion. So the question is not why or how but when. As Peter, Paul and Mary eloquently sung “…the answer my friend is blowing in the wind…the answer is blowing in the wind”. As soon as you’re ready to accept the change, just listen – the answer is blowing in the wind.

Enjoy the music…and the words of course!!!

Click here and enjoy Blowing in the Wind by Peter, Paul and Mary

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