Tapping into your Inner-Net

In this fast and furious age of technology, there is not much you cannot do on the World Wide Web these days. In fact, there is much you can only do on the Internet. It’s like the inner workings of what makes the world go ’round on so many levels. When you want an answer on anything, where do you go – The Internet. When a crisis occurs in our life, many times people go in the heads to find the answer to their problems. This is particularly true during divorce for couples. They try to figure it out analytically and intellectually. Relationships start, end and continue based not what’s in their head but what’s in their heart. When you go there, that’s your own personal Internet – your Inner-Net. It is the essence of who we are and what we are. It has every answer we could ever hope to find and unlike the Internet, when you search you get only one answer, the right answer – every time.

Collaborative divorce allows couples to tap into their Inner-Net by focusing not on the intellectual part of the process but using our heart to come up with an outcome that works for everybody. By taking out the litigation and the one-upmanship that the traditional divorce model supports, the parties can take over the process and with the neutral financial and mental health professionals focus on getting the right answer the only answer that works for them. When the couple is allowed to come from a heart place, the essence of who they are instead of their head, their Inner-Net will guide them to self-empowerment and ultimately a gentle civil resolution.

A colleague of mine, Alan Frisher wrote a spectacular article “Collaborative Divorce Encourages Honesty, Openness” which I have attached for your reading. It provides and excellent commentary on why the Collaborative process is the most effective way to resolve divorces. And of course a musical composition that goes right to the heart of how supportive Collaborative Divorce is for the couple.

Click here to read Collaborative Divorce Encourages Honesty, Openness

Click here and enjoy With a Little Help From my Friends

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