The Heart of The Matter

The last few weeks my cases have had an interesting theme that has become quite clear to me.  Another example was a high conflict case that was set to go before the judge with dueling motions for contempt and typical mudslinging that occurs during litigation.  I was willing to move ahead to show the court we were right and had evidence that they were wrong.  Right before the hearing, I had another revelation which I shared with the other attorney.  Why are we spending more time on a case that has really nothing of substance to argue about.  Let’s get these folks into mediation which is the perfect forum to resolve these issues.  Worse case scenario is we are back we are now but best case has the case settled.

My initial resistance to this idea was that I was right and wanted the judge, other attorney and his client to know.  But when I realized that even if that proved correct we were still in the same place we were to begin with.  My client deserved and wanted this case to be done with and by persuading the other attorney I took a positive step to accomplish this.

The Collaborative process would have handled all the issues that it took almost a year to get to much more effectively and efficiently.  By working as a team with a neutral financial and mental health professional, the attorneys have the structure to allow their clients to directly participate in the settlement of their divorce.  Where I finally got to in my case would have been addressed within weeks instead of months without the conflict and emotion – What a concept! 

This is how it works – This is the Collaborative Process – This is the gentler, more civil way to handle divorce.  This gets to the heart of the matter.  That’s all that matters!

Attached is a theme appropriate song with lyrics of course.  In-Joy!

Click here and enjoy The Heart of the Matter

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