The light at the end of the tunnel

Having just finished a 5K, I remember how the race began with almost 13,000 people at the starting line.  It seemed it would take forever to get going and take even longer to complete. Once we all got moving, the road opened up and moved along a bit more swiftly.  After awhile, I realized the pace was up to me and could decide how quickly I wanted this race to end.  As I approached the finish line, it was exhilarating as I could see clearly the end was in sight.

The Collaborative process in divorce is very similar.  It starts out like the traditional divorce with much uncertainty as the finish line seems so far away.  The difference with collaborative law is once the process starts you are in control and decide the outcome.  Attorneys for both parties as well as the neutral mental health and financial professionals are in this race with you guiding you along the way.  When you look straight ahead there is nothing but blue sky because you are running your race.  You dictate the pace and decide how and when you cross the finish line.  You finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Below you will find a great article explaining the collaborative process and how cooperation is the driving force for resolving the conflicts that can devastate couples during divorce.  It details how there is less animosity and more emphasis on handling the delicate issues involving children.

When these couples do get to the end of the race, they realize that the clouds disappeared and the rain is gone.  The rainbow appears and the pain is gone.  They can see clearly now. That reminds me of a song and there is.

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