The State of the Union

This time most every year The President delivers his State of the Union and 2010 was no different. Politics aside, its an opportunity to discuss the issues that are first and foremost at the core of our lives. A communication that express the pulse of our existance and where we go from here. This same is true for marriages – What is the State of your Union? Each spouse is a major contributor to the relationship and is responsible for the “state” in which it exists. If “jobs” is an issue, does one need to be “employed” more in the relationship. By not carrying your share of the relationship “load”, you may be unemployed. And instead of applying for unemployment benefits such as allowing your spouse to shoulder more of the relationship, how about discussing how you can create a new “job” for yourself. If deficit reduction is an issue, what are the discussions to rein in spending or create more revenue? What about bi-partisanship? Is the Husband and Wife entities thinking outside their normal tendencies to work together to pass their own “legislation”? Spouses have the edge here as their is no supermajority to overcome but they both have an equal vote so how do they resolve a tie-breaker if the vote is split.

Again, politics aside but relationships are very similar to a democratic government no matter which side of the aisle you’re on. The State of your Union is only indicative of its present state. Both “parties” have an input on where the relationship is now as well as “governing” the issues for the future. One way to do this is to both give your State of the Union address to each other and listen to the themes that come out – what are the differences that appear? Now you are ready to communicate what the future looks like and what you both can do to get there or make the changes needed to sustain the “union”. Good luck and no filibusters!!!

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