Their Needs are Special

When couples decide to divorce, the children become a major focus on how the marriage is to end. There are many decisions to be made that are much more significant than how the equitable distribution of their property is handled. The focus increases exponentially when one or more of the children have special needs which must be addressed. In the traditional divorce litigation process, couples through their attorneys attempt to deal with how to co-parent their special needs child. It is common that these issues are not dealt with until the end of the divorce or not resolved appropriately. In divorce litigation, the system is not set up adequately to handle cases with special needs children due to its adversarial nature. Collaborative Divorce is an ideal process that allows the couple to cooperate with a mental health professional experienced in working with special needs children. The Collaborative process allows the attorneys to work with their clients to develop a seamless transition to help the children cope with the impending divorce. The Collaborative way ensures that these children are co-parented appropriately post divorce which will ultimately be in the children’s best interest.

I have attached an article written by a local mental health practitioner experienced in working with special needs children. Margot Logan explains how the Collaborative Process is the most beneficial way for couples with special needs children to proceed with their divorce.

Its imperative that we realize that their needs are special. Look for more articles written by local professionals trained in handling Collaborative Divorce cases to be referenced in future blogs.

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