When you get the choice to sit it out or dance

This week is a great one for sports.  NCAA Basketball Championships, Baseball season starts, beginning of the Masters tournament.  You are probably wondering what they all have in common especially if you a not a sports enthusiast.  Endings and beginnings have one thing in common – a choice of how you participate in the process.  The Men’s and Women’s NCAA Championships had teams favored to win as well as huge underdogs.  All four teams could have just mailed it in – Duke and Connecticut might have just relied on the fact that they were supposed to win and played that way.  Stanford and Butler were not picked to win by many people and could have listened to those opinions.  But in each of the final games, having the choice to sit it out or dance, they DANCED.  The players dug deep inside, took chances that were worth the risk of taking.  They didn’t take the path of least resistance.  In the end, they were all winners because of this and we got to see exciting games with the outcomes in doubt.

Tiger Woods began his return to golf at the Masters tournament this week.  A favorite in so many events in the past, especially this one, he enters this tournament as an underdog because of the layoff and all he has been through.  My point is not to herald or judge him but to observe the position he finds himself in.  Will he sell out or reconsider?  He has the choice to sit it out or DANCE.  The ending has not yet been written for this tournament or for Tiger’s life but this week should provide some insight.

My favorite sport of baseball started this week with the first day always being the best.  It’s when no matter what team you root for everyone starts off with the exact same record “O-O”.  This is when teams have the choice on whether they know when one door closes another one opens.  Will they sit it out or dance?  They have that choice to make 162 times this and every year.  When one game is over, there is another one the next day.  They can give the heavens more the just a passing glance.

In life, what will you do when you get the choice to sit it out or dance?  When a conflict arises in your marriage, relationship, anywhere, you must decide how YOU will be.  The outcome will be decided on whether you choose to participate or just pass.  Don’t choose the path of least residence…Don’t fear the mountains in the distance…Don’t take a single breath for granted.  Ok now that I’ve given you enough clues, you know a song is not in the too far distance – one that has been a huge inspiration in how I live my life.  By the way, I hope my team DANCES!!!

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