Which station are you listening to?

While in New York City recently, I went to the 25th Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert in Madison Square Garden.  Not only was the music phenomenal, I was struck by the connection that was made between the musicians and the audience.  Young and old, diverse backgrounds, different cultures – it didn’t matter – we were all in tune and in sync with each other.  All of us seemed to connect with what made us happy and what was familiar to us.  Singing the songs took us back to a time, though different for all of us, with a memory of where we were.  Some of it happy, some of it not but we could connect to that individually and together as a group in one place at one time.

People listening to the same station is so crucial in communication especially during mediation and collaborative law.  “Being on the same page” allows everyone to tune into what’s really important to settling the issues facing the parties.  It allows everyone to bring who they really are to the table and be present in the process.  They can feel free to leave behind the agenda they may be carrying with them and be open to listening to each other.  Both parties can then tap into the memories of the relationship which like listening to your favorite song, can go along way to diffuse the conflicts that they bring to the table.  By doing so, people who may be listening to different stations during their conflict can tune into each other and transition their way into the same station, a station where communication exists, issues are heard and disputes are resolved.

It doesn’t matter what station we listen to but can we listen to each other’s music and truly connect.

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