You Can’t Get What You Want Until You Know What You Want

One of the biggest challenges in my practice is to help people understand the difference between wants and needs. In fact, this is important in any negotiation but especially in family law conflicts. People have their own thoughts on how they would like their divorce to be resolved and many times these are based on strictly on emotion. However, there is a better way for couples in a divorce process to really understand what they really “want” is what they really “need”.

By choosing to proceed with Collaborative Divorce in ending their marriage, couples are allowed and encouraged to explore the many different options they have with the issues before them. With the assistance of their collaboratively trained attorneys as well as a financial and a mental health professional, both neutral, the couple really get to the heart of what they really want, what is really important to them. This interactive process is not usually seen or utilized in a traditional divorce litigation fought in court and before a judge. Those who proceed in this manner are usually locked in to the legal system which is not user friendly to the parties. It is not set up to allow parties to resolve their divorce issues amicably and the way each party would like.

I always recommend my clients to choose the Collaborative process to assist them in really getting to the core of what they “want” in their divorce. This is the best way for them to arrive at a civilized and dignified settlement that gets them what they “need”. You can’t get what you want until you know what you want which is really what you need.

This process works, this process is for you, this is Collaborative Divorce!

And as always in-joy the theme appropriate song and lyrics!

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