You’re My Home

Many of the cases in my family law practice involve parents with children. As the school year is again around the corner, co-parenting between divorced or soon to be parties is always significant. The issues range from who brings the children to school, how extracurricular activities are handled to what school documents are exchanged. These become ongoing problems because the parents did not agree on how to handle these events during the divorce process. Conventional divorce litigation is not structured to deal with the many day to day co-parenting issues that will come up after the divorce. As a result, the children are affected the most because their interests are not sufficiently protected.

During Collaborative divorce with children, both spouses are empowered to decide how they wish to co-parent in separate households. All the issues that will come up with their children are on the table for not only discussion, but resolution and incorporation in the final agreement. Coming to agreement in these areas not only make each parent satisfies that their concerns are addressed but leaves them feeling good about co-parenting with the other. Most of all the children have a framework in which although they will be living in separate households, there will be one place they can call home – their parents love and ability to work together to make sure there is no conflict when it comes to them. That is the way divorce with children should be handled – with civility and dignity – That is the Collaborative Process!!!

I have attached an article by Dr. Deborah Heckler who accurately lays out strategies to handle co-parenting during the school year. These strategies are just a few of the ways that are addressed during the collaborative divorce process. Also you will find a theme appropriate song and lyrics for your listening pleasure. In-Joy!!!

Click here to read Divorce Strategies: Co-Parenting for Back-to-School

Click here and enjoy You’re My Home

Click here for lyrics

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